Master Green Architecture

Specialisation B: Refurbishment, Design Project II


  • Building Biology
  • Pollutants from a Chemical Viewpoint
  • Pollutants from a Human ToxicologyViewpoint
  • Building Certification
  • Redevelopment Design

Building stock shapes and characterises the appearance of urban space. The potential of existing buildings must be recognised and further optimised within the framework of sustainable redevelopment.

It is espeically important for the handling and preservation of these buildings to recognise the constructive, physical, biological and chemical problems, and devise concepts for environmentally appropriate redevelopment. Their manifest resources are often of ecological value and must, in light of ever-changing requirements, be analysed and adapted to "new" needs. Responsible redevelopment can extend the life of existing buildings through continued use, modernisation or conversion, thus contributing significantly to the conservation of resources and environmental relief.  

Students will possess the following competences upon successful completion of this module:

  • Knowledge andassessment of the fundamental issuesregarding the relationship between human health and the built environment
  • Knowledge of the major pollutantsinbuilding products based on the knowledge ofModule5 "Resource-efficient,Low-pollutant Architecture",and the ability to describe their impactas well as to classify them according to a system of description
  • The ability to develop sustainable design conceptsfor the renovation and modernisation of existing buildings
  • An understanding of the problems related to preservation of existingstructuresand waste management
  • An understanding of the life cycle of materials,of the problems of ecological sustainability,of the effects on the environment,of energy-saving design, as well as of passive systems and their management
  • Technical knowledge of structures,materialsand construction.
  • Knowledge of design theory and methodology
  • An understanding of designprocedures and processes
  • Knowledge of precedents in design as well as architectural criticism.

Responsible expert

Martin Wollensak